Our story

Managing Partner / Fiduciary Agent

Isabelle Schaller

Isabelle Schaller, who holds a certificate as a fiduciary agent obtained in 2006, began her career at the Nyon tax office in 1995. First in the individual’s tax department, then she was in charge of the transfer, inheritance and gift tax department.

In 2001, she was transferred to the technical section for individuals at the direction of the Vaud tax authorities in Lausanne. She delt with claims at second instance, problems of inter-cantonal tax disputes and the drafting of various work programmes.

In 2005, she joined the legal and tax department of one of the largest consulting firms in Geneva. Until 2013, she was in charge of corporate tax files, as well as those of individuals attached to various Swiss cantons.

She is expert for many years, as part of the professional examinations for the fiduciary agent’s certificate and the finance and accounting specialist’s certificate and diploma.

After several years of experience in a fiduciary company, Isabelle Schaller decided to redirect her career and founded Normalex Sàrl.