to you

If you are an individual, we can assist you in the following areas :

  • Preparing tax returns for all Swiss cantons and checking the tax assessments of the tax authorities in matters of income and wealth taxes or special taxes related to real estates ;
  • Assistance in case of appeal against tax assessments ;
  • Negotiation with the tax authorities (tax ruling, etc) ;
  • Voluntary disclosure
  • Advice on tax planning and asset management ;
  • Advice on estate planning ;
  • Executor’s mandate ;
  • All procedures related to the purchase or sale of real estate in Switzerland ;
  • Support when taking up residence in Switzerland for administrative formalities and for obtaining a residence and/or work permit ;
  • Negotiation with the tax authorities in order to benefit from a lump-sum taxation ;
  • Assistance if creating or handing over a business ;
  • Advice on social insurance (1st pillar, 2nd pillar and 3rd pillar) ;
  • Administrative management of assets.